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"Have a little fun before you die"

Ellen Etten

"Lover of glitter and confetti"

Ripley Rader


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Ellen Etten and Ripley Rader became partners in crime their third day at NYU and best friends since, they have always been fans of one another and shared a passion for creating quality work for women in the entertainment industry. This passion led to Red Tent Entertainment, which is dedicated to producing female-driven content. Though both are also big fans of men in general, they believe in the need and power of quality female characters in the entertainment business. Their first project, the digital series "LA'd", was hosted by the popular website and won Best Digital Series at the Hollywood & Vine Film Festival. Their second project, "A Little Too Close with Ellen Etten" is currently on Felicity Huffman's website, Both projects were written, directed, and produced by women.  

They look forward to working with many talented men and women in the future, and are currently in development with a number of projects ranging from the web to the big screen.

RedTent Entertainment Logo

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