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Online dating is awkward. Online dating in LA takes it to a whole new level.  Actress/writer Ellen Etten chronicles her online dating life in this series of shorts. Written, directed, and produced solely by women.  

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You watched Ellen do a lot of dating last year. Strangely, she is still single. So rather than keep trying to jam a round peg in her square heart (El's heart isn't really square)- She's gonna learn how to date smarter, not harder. She's going to get to the bottom of how to be happy, in love, successful, and most definitely figure out who can set her up with Justin Long. Nothing is off limits so come on over for a stiff drink, good conversation, and let's get a little too close.  

Written by:  Ellen Etten  Directed by:  Ripley Rader   Starring:  Johanna Parker   Shot by:  Tuan Quoc Le   Sound by:  Branson Turner   Edited by:  Jackie Herbert

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Ellen continues to (uncomfortably) talk to some of her favorite people about love, marriage, and everything in between. Now that she has a boyfriend, she's tackling the rest of life's larger questions. Watch to find out if she can get it all together...